Martyrdom of St. Felix and St. Fortunatus
  • Martyrdom of St. Felix and St. Fortunatus

    TitleMartyrdom of St. Felix and St. Fortunatus
  • Technique/ MaterialPen, greyish brown wash över sketch in red chalk, on paper
  • Dimensions(h x b) 37 x 30,7 cm
  • Artist/Maker Artist: Gasparo Diziani, Italian, born 1689-01-24, dead 1767-01-24
    Former attribution: Sebastiano Ricci, Italian, dead 1734-05-15
  • CategoryDrawings, Free-hand drawings
  • ClassificationDrawing
  • Geographical originItalien
  • Inventory No.NMH 1528/1863
  • AcquisitionÖvertagande 1866 från Kongl. Museum
  • Description
    Images and media

    Inscribed at lower right in pen and brown ink: Sebastien Ricci (Tessin). Numbered: 1338 (Sparre)

    The main group of drawings by this artist is to be found in Museo Correr, Venice; it comprises nearly two hundred works, the majority bound in one volume, collected by Ascanio Molin (1738-1813), who may have known the artist personally. There one can trace Diziani's evolution from late baroque chiaroscuro washes, in the wake of his master Gregorio Lazzarini, via a crispy style influenced by Sebastiano Ricci to a more painterly approach, related to Pellegrini, in his late works.

    This preparatory sketch for the painting in Chioggia cathedral ca be dated to 1734-45, when the chapel was erected. Its style is close to that of the Saint seeing a vision, in Museo Correr.

    Felix and Fortunatus, brothers from Acquileia, were tortured and executed in the year 296 during the time of Diocletian. [Bjurström, It. Drawings, cat. no. 178]