• NameGuidoccio Cozzarelli
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesItalian, active c. 1450, active to 1516
BiographyGuidoccio Cozzarelli trained in the studio of
Matteo di Giovanni in the 1470s, and his first
known works are from the early 1480s. As he
was greatly inspired by his master, Cozzarelli’s
oeuvre has often been confused with the latter’s,
although recent research has in fact ascribed
some of Matteo’s works to Cozzarelli. He is first
known for his miniatures on the covers of the
choir books of Siena Cathedral, the so-called
biccherna panels, for the years 1480, 1481 and
1482. In 1483 and 1486 he painted two altarpieces
for two different patrons, for a chapel in the
Franciscan church of San Bernardino on the
outskirts of Sinalunga. The first, The Baptism of
Christ with Saints Jerome and Augustine (1483),
was painted for the Orlandini family, the second,
The Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints
Simon and Thaddaeus (1486), for the Pannilini
brothers in Sinalunga. Under the influence of
his younger fellow pupil in Matteo’s workshop,
Pietro Orioli, Cozzarelli’s style changed decisively,
resulting in further confusion about his works.
Orioli’s oeuvre has been expanded in recent
years to include works previously ascribed to the
painter Giacomo Pacchiarotto, but some of the
paintings attributed to Pacchiarotto are in fact by