• NamePhilips Augustyn Immenraet
  • Activity/Titlepainter
  • Sexmale
  • Variant namesstavningsvariant: Philips-Augustijn Immenraet
    stavningsvariant: Philipp Augustyn Immenraet
  • Nationality/DatesNetherlands, born före 1627-09-25, dead 1679-09-25
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Antwerpen, Belgien
    Place of death: Antwerpen, Belgien
BiographyLandscape painter and engraver. Son of a German-
born piano maker, Philips Augustyn Immenraet
was the brother of the painter Michel Angelo Immenraet.
In 1643 he became a pupil of the Antwerp landscape
specialist Lucas van Uden. According to
Houbraken (1718–1721), Immenraet lived in Rome
for a longer period. In 1654/1655 he became a master
in the Antwerp Guild of St. Luke. He had several
pupils, among them Pieter Rysbraeck (around
1672/1673). Two of his sons also became painters:
Andries and Philips Augustyn II. Immenraet occasionally
collaborated with colleagues: Erasmus
Quellinus II and Charles-Emmanuel Biset painted
figures in his landscapes, and Willem van Ehrenberg
was responsible for architectural elements.
Immenraet painted idealized Italianate or pseudo-
Italianate landscapes with rocks, cascades, ruins and
architecture, influenced both by Flemish landscape
painters, such as Jacques d’Arthois, and by the Italians
Salvator Rosa and Gaspar Dughet. He had a liking
for the picturesque that seems to anticipate the tastes
of the 18th century. Immenraet also executed engravings
in the style of his teacher, Van Uden, which were
published at Antwerp by Frans van den Wyngaerde.