• NameState Porcelain Factory, Petrograd, 1917-1924, Russia
BiographyImperial Porcelain Factory, 1744-1762
1 Imperial Years
1.1 1744-1762 The Vinogradov Period
1.2 1762-1801. Catherine’s Porcelain. Porcelain of Paul I Reign. Early Classicism
1.3 IPM Porcelain in the 19th Century. 1801-1825. Porcelain of Alexander’s Reign. Restructuring of IPM. High Classicism, Empire Style
1.4 1825-1894. Historical period. Reigns of Nicholas I (r.1825-1855), Alexander II (r.1855-1881), Alexander III (r.1881-1894)
1.5 1894-1917. The Russian Art Nouveau. Reign of Nicholas II

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