• NamnClaudi Casanovas
  • Könman
  • Namnvarianternamnvariant: Claudio Casanovas
  • Nationalitet/ Levnadsårspansk, Född 1956
Biografi[2002-06-19] Claudi Casanovas is one of the most elemental of ceramic artists, someone who expresses that particular Catalan spirit of material and process, an alchemy of clay and water, a 'register of fire' as he has put it. This approach may be highly visceral, but he is not concerned with any direct evocation of geology and terrain. These are independent objects, and ones that test and celebrate the purest qualities of this fired earth - the flux of the materials, given permanence in an art of simplicity and power. - David Whiting. Källa: http://www.galeriebesson.co.uk/claudiexhib2.html [JML]