• NameMarten Pepyn
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1575, dead 1643
BiographyMarten pepyn painted religious motifs. He was
the son of the clothes and art dealer Guillaume Pepyn
from Brussels. In 1600 Marten Pepyn became a member
of the city’s Guild of St. Luke. There was a close
relationship between the Pepyns and Rubens family,
which was one of the reasons why Rubens’ wife
Isabella Brant became Marten Pepyn’s godmother. In
1632 Pepyn was one of the subjects of van Dyck’s
portraits of his friends. Pepyn collaborated with Otto
van Veen on the side panels of a triptych on St Luke
for which Marten de Vos painted the central panel
(formerly in Antwerp Cathedral. This is now in the
Royal Museum of Fine Art in Antwerp). Marten
Pepyn had numerous pupils, among them Jean Caes
(1602), Nicolas Fopsen (1602), Jean Bosken (1602),
Matthieu Mattheussens (1613), Matthieu Goosens
(1620/1621), Georges Sebille (1620/1621) and
François van Boost (1625/1626). Marten Pepyn
worked in the mannerist tradition and many of his
paintings reveal influences from Hendrick Goltzius,
Cornelis van Haarlem and Maerten de Vos.