• NameJean-Louis Demarne
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesBelgian, born 1754, dead 1829
BiographyJean-Louis Demarne, also known as Marnette,
was a painter and engraver. He arrived in France at
the age of eleven and then spent eight years as a pupil
of Gabriel Briard. He began his artistic career as a
history painter and then switched to painting landscapes,
even though he also painted animals and
genre paintings. For many years he worked for the
Sèvres porcelain works. His oeuvre displays traces
from many different styles adopted from Netherlandish
naturalism combined with the influence of the
French academic tradition. In several of his works he
can be seen as a late follower of Karel Dujardin, Adriaen
van de Velde and Nicolaes Berchem. Some of his
best and most independent works date from the years
The Happy Family
The Top