• NameNardo di Cione
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesItalian, born c. 1320, dead between 1965 and 1966
BiographyNardo di Cione was one of the brothers of the
important 14th-century painter Andrea di Cione,
called Orcagna. Ghiberti attributes some of the
frescoes in the Strozzi Chapel in Santa Maria
Novella to Nardo, and Offner states that Nardo
inspired the whole composition, although some
parts were executed by assistants in his workshop.
A group of important retables are also
attributed to Nardo di Cione, among them the
Madonna and Child with Saints in the National
Gallery in Prague, the Uffizi Crucifixion in Florence
and a Madonna and Child with St Peter and
St John the Evangelist in the National Gallery of
Art in Washington.
St Benedict of Nursia