• NamePeter van Regemorter
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1755, dead 1830
BiographyPetrus johannes van regemorter was a pupil
at the Academy of Antwerp before 1775 and a professor
at the Academy between 1796 and 1804, during
the French occupation. He painted moonlit landscapes
and outdoor genre scenes with peasants.
Another of his specialities was restoring and faking
17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings. He was
employed for some time in Rotterdam by a dealer,
Marneffe, for whom he made pastiches in the manner
of the Dutch painters Ruisdael, Both and Pynacker.
Regemorter was sent to Paris by the Antwerp authorities
in 1815 to reclaim pictures from the Musée
Napoléon. Later he and his son, Ignatius van Regemorter,
were commissioned to restore some damaged
works brought home to Belgium.
Landscape with Peasants and Cows