• NamePieter Bruegel d.y.
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1564, dead 1638
BiographyPieter Brueghel II , also called “Hell-Breugel”
painted landscapes and genre paintings. He was the
eldest son of Pieter Breugel I and the brother of Jan
Brueghel I. In Antwerp he was a pupil of Gillis van
Coninxloo and in 1585 he became a master in the
city’s Guild of St. Luke. His pupils were his son,
Pieter III, Frans Snyders and Joos de Momper. On
the death of his father Pieter II inherited numerous
paintings which he then copied and imitated.
Landscape with a Farm
The Wedding Dance
Winter Landscape with Skaters and a Bird Trap
The Flood
  • Unknown Flemish, active during 1500-talet