• NamePieter Angelis
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1685, dead 1734
Biographypieter angellis commenced his studies in his
native town of Dunkirk and then travelled to Antwerp
where he worked with Johann Baptiste Bouttats. He
specialized in urban and rustic scenes.
He subsequently travelled to Dusseldorf and England
and probably returned to Antwerp, where he became a
master in the Guild in 1715. In England in 1726 he was
recorded as having a studio in Covent Garden which
was then the fashionable artists’ quarter. There he lived
together with other Flemish émigré artists. In 1728 he
went to Rome with the sculptors Peter Schneemakers
and Laurent Delvaux. He finally moved to Rennes in
Brittany, where he spent his remaining years. His style at
times may be seen to have affinities with that of Teniers.
He painted landscapes and genre scenes.
A Sculptor’s Studio