• NameDaniel Seghers
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1590, dead 1661
BiographyDaniel seghers was both an ecclesiastic and a
painter. As a painter he had first been trained in
Utrecht where he had moved with his widowed mother.
In 1609 or 1610 the family returned to Antwerp
where Seghers completed his training under Jan
Brueghel I. In 1611 he was accepted as a master in the
local guild and in 1615 he entered the Jesuit Order
and took his final vows as a lay brother in 1625. The
Jesuits sent him to Rome in 1625 and finally in 1627
placed him in Antwerp, where he remained for the
rest of his life. Today he is mostly known for his
flower pieces. Although his works were much sought
after, they were not generally available on the open
market but bestowed rather as gifts by the Jesuit
Order. In 1661, the year he died, Seghers made an
inventory of the flower paintings he had made.1
As a specialist in flower painting Daniel Seghers
left the figural work to other specialists. The artists
he worked with included Cornelis Schut, Erasmus
Quellinus II, Abraham van Diepenbeck, Simon de
Vos, Gerard Seghers, Tomas Willeboirts Bosschaert
and Hendrick van Balen.