• NameJudith Leyster
  • Activity/Titlepainter, draughtsman
  • Sexfemale
  • Variant namesstavningsvariant: Judita Leystar
  • Nationality/DatesDutch, born 1609, dead 1660
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Haarlem, Nederländerna
    Place of death: Heemstede, Nederländerna
    Place of activity: Amsterdam, Nederländerna
    Place of activity: Haarlem, Nederländerna
    Place of activity: Holland [historisk region], _Region
    Place of activity: Holland [historisk region], _Region
BiographyJudith Leyster was the daughter of a Flemish brewer who took his surname from its brewery in Harlem, "Ley-ster (re)" (beacon). Signed his works with the letters J and L of the ligature, and a star. Probably a pupil of Frans Hals. Member of St. Luke Guild in 1633, started the year after her own studio. 1636 she married colleague Jan Miense Molenaar (1609-1668). Baptized July 28, 1609, buried February 10, 1660.
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