• NameJean Siméon Chardin
  • Sexmale
  • Variant namesnamnvariant: Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin
  • Nationality/DatesFrench, born 1699-11-02, dead 1779-12-06
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Paris, France
    Place of death: Paris, France
BiographyStilleben- och genremålare verksam i Frankrike.
A Boar's Head
The Washerwoman
Woman Drawing Water from a Water Urn
Still Life with Kitchen Utensils and Vegetables
Rabbit and Copper Pot
The Morning Toilet
Domestic Pleasures
The Embroiderer
Young Student Drawing
Saying Grace
The Diligent Mother
The Housekeeper
La Vinaigrette (The Sedan Chair)
Male nude
Servant Pouring a Drink for a Billiard Player
Le Neglige ou Toilette du matin
Le Benedicite
Les Amusements de la Vie Privée