• NameGaspar Peeter Verbruggen d.y.
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1664, dead 1730
BiographyThe painter’s early artistic training was spent in
the workshop of his father Gaspar Verbruggen I. He
was elected a member of the Guild of Antwerp in
1676, when aged only twelve, and became the director
of the Guild in 1691. In 1703 he was declared
bankrupt and he fled to Amsterdam to avoid his creditors
in 1705. Exiled from Amsterdam he left for The
Hague in 1706 where in 1708 he was elected a member
of the Guild. In 1723 he returned to Antwerp and
died there in 1730. Verbruggen, who specialized in
flower and still life painting, became very famous in
his own lifetime and he collaborated with a great
number of contemporary artists. No works by his
hand dated later than 1703 are known today
Flower Garland and Gilded Bowl of Fruit