• NameJan Miel
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1599, dead 1663
BiographyJan Miel was probably a pupil of Gerhard Seghers
in Antwerp. Between 1636 and 1658 he lived in
Rome, where he became a member of the Schieldersbent
in which he was given the nickname Bieco (a
threatening look). He collaborated with Claude Lorrain
on depictions of figures and with Andrea Sacchi
in a painting of Urban VII Visiting Il Gesu. He also
collaborated with Gaspar Dughet on the Palazzo Barberini.
Together with Pieter van Laer and Michel
Sweerts he was one of the artists known as Bambocciati.
In 1647 he became a member of the Brotherhood
of San Guiliano dei Fiamminghi and in 1648 of
the Accademia di San Luca. Around 1649 he began to
paint al fresco in ecclesiastical buildings. He spent his
final years as court painter in Turin in the service of
Duke Carlo Emmanuele II of Savoy, who knighted
him in 1663. Miel was then best known for his small
genre scenes with peasants, soldiers and huntsmen.
Peasants Resting
Soldiers Resting
Hunters Resting
St John the Baptist Preaching in the Desert
Mountainous Landscape with a Woman Riding