• NameFrans Francken I
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1542, dead 1616
BiographyFrans Francken I was the second son of Nicolas
Francken , the founder of the famous family of artists
that was to continue for five generations. Frans the
Elder, or Frans I, was the father of Thomas, Frans,
Ambrosius and Hieronymus. Not much is known
about Frans’ early years except that he was active in
Antwerp painting. He became a pupil of Frans Floris
and he was a propagator of the “Italianising” movement
in painting. He was received as a master in the
Guild of St. Luke in 1567 and became dean of the
Guild in 1588. Notable among his works from his
best period is a triptych in Antwerp Cathedral. Frans
Francken I also painted portraits of some of the most
important figures of his time, including William of
Orange. He painted allegorical and biblical motifs as
well as church interiors.
The Rich Man and Lazarus