• NameAbraham Bruegel
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1631, dead 1690
BiographyAbraham brueghel, also known as “Rhyngraef”
and “Neapolitaner”, was a painter of landscapes and
still lifes of fruit and flowers. Son of Jan Brueghel II.
He is known to have travelled to Italy in 1649, where
he entered the service of the Sicilian prince Antonio
Ruffo. After 1660 he moved to Rome, where he
stayed until 1671 when he finally settled in Naples. In
1670 he became a member of the Academia di San
Luca. He painted first in the style of his father but,
after moving to Italy, he turned to painting garlands
in the manner of Daniel Seghers. He collaborated
with Italian figure painters, including il Baciccio,
Giacinto Brandi, Guglielmo Cortese and Carlo
Maratta. He is best known for his large fruit and
flower compositions in the style of Neapolitan
painters like Paolo Porpora