• NameJan Frans van Bloemen
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1662, dead 1749
BiographyJan Frans van Bloemen, brother of Pieter and
Norbertus van Bloemen, was born in Antwerp where
he was a pupil of Antoon Goubeau. Around 1684 he
went to Lyon and then to Italy. He spent four months
in Turin but established himself in Rome in 1684
together with his brother Pieter. In Rome he was a
member of the so called Bentveughels, expatriate Flemish
and Dutch painters. He painted “ideal” landscapes
with motifs from the Campagna influenced by the
French painters Gaspar Dughet and Claude Lorrain.
He was nicknamed “Orrizonte” because of his distant
landscape views of serene and Arcadian character. The
luminous light in his paintings is reminiscent of
Claude Lorrain. He received many commissions from
the Marquess Pallavicini, the Palazzo Colonna and
from the best galleries: Doria, Rospigliosi and Corsini.
He sometimes collaborated with other artists who created
the figures for the landscapes. In 1742 he was
enrolled in the Accademia di san Luca.
Italian Park
Landscape with a Monastery
Landscape with Pines
Landscape with Pines
Vilan på flykten från Egypten

  • Jan Frans van Bloemen
Landskap med pinjer
Portrait of Jan Frans Van Bloemen (Orizonte)
Landscape with rocks
Landscape with a Woman Carrying a Pitcher
Landscape with Huge Trees and Figures
Landskap med vatten