• NameDenys Calvaert
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1540, dead 1619
BiographyDenys Calvaert, also known as Dionisio
Fiammingho, was a history and landscape painter. In
his youth he was a pupil of Christiaen van den
Queckborne in Antwerp. He then travelled to Italy.
In Bologna he became the pupil of Lorenzo Sabbatini
and Prospero Fontana. He accompanied the former
to Rome in 1572 and stayed there for two years. His
pupils in Bologna included Domenichino, Francesco
Albani and Guido Reni. Calvaert’s works are characterised
by their explicit use of line, well considered
compositions and use of perspective that is reminiscent
of the works of the Carracci school. His paintings
on religious themes can be found in several
churches in Bologna. Smaller-scale works with religious
motifs painted by Calvaert on copper are to be
seen in various European collections. Several of his
works were also reproduced as engravings.
The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine
Christ in Glory