• NameAndrea Locatelli
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesItalian, born 1693, dead 1741
BiographyAndrea Locatelli was born in Rome. He studied
under his father until 1708, and thereafter consecutively
under two specialists in marine scenes:
“Monsù Alto” and Bernardino Fergioni. He soon
developed into one of the most accomplished
painters of capricci and landscapes of his time.
Locatelli knew and collaborated with artists such
as Pompeo Batoni (1708–1787), Corrado Giaquinto
(1703–1765) and Pierre Subleyras (1699–1749).
Amongst his greatest patrons were the Colonna
family. Locatelli also painted murals for the Ruspoli
Palace, decorated rooms in the Palazzo della
Cancellaria for the Ottoboni family, and continually
worked for “Roman and English Gentlemen
and other Foreigners”.
Landscape with Soldiers
Landscape with Antique Ruins
Landscape with Soldiers
Landscape with the Flight into Egypt