• NameCarlo Maderno
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesItalian, born c. 1555, dead 1629
S. Susanna, Rome. Drawing for the decoration of the ceiling
Loggia with a Serliana for the Mattei Palace, Rome. Elevation
The Fountain of S. Giacomo in Borgo (a Scossacavalli), Rome. Perspective drawing and plan
The Fountain of the Lower Belvedere Courtyard, Rome. Perspective drawing and plan
Plan of a garden with a palace, probably Palazzo Barberini, Rome. A project never executed. With the floor plans of the palace showing on four flaps
Sant' Andrea della Valle, Rome: longitudinal section
Palazzo Barberini, Rom, entréfasad
Kyrka, Peterskyrkan, Rom, huvudfasaden
Fontän, Villa Ludovisi (Torlonia), Frascati, blad nr 12
Fontän, Villa Ludovisi (Torlonia), Frascati,vattentrappan och -teatern, blad nr 13
Kyrka, S Susanna, Rom, fasadelevation och -plan, blad nr 8
Kyrka, S Susanna, Rom, fasadelevation och -plan, blad nr 8
Kyrka, Peterskyrkan, Rom, huvudfasad.
The Garden of a Palace in Mantua. Plan
Palazzo Barberini, Rom, entréfasad
Interior View of St. Peter's Church in Rome with Bernini's Baldachin in the Foreground
Sant'Andrea della Valle, Rome. Longitudinal section
Fontän, Vatikanen, Belvederen, Rom, "Lo Scoglio",  blad nr 3
Fontän, Vatikanen, Belvederen, Rom, "Fontana della Torre", blad nr 4
Fontän, Vatikanen, Belvederen, Rom, "La Galera",  blad nr 5
Fontän, Qvirinalen, Rom, "Della Pioggia", blad nr 6