• NameCarl Larsson
  • Activity/Titlepainter, author, draughtsman, printmaker, illustratör
  • Sexmale
  • Variant namesfullständigt namn: Carl Olof Larsson
  • Nationality/DatesSwedish, born 1853-05-28, dead 1919-01-22
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Stockholm, Sweden
BiographyCarl Larsson was a student at the Art Academy during the years 1866-1876, then worked in France 1877-78 and 1880-85, teachers at Valand art school in Gothenburg 1886-88 and 1891-93. Already during his student years, he supported himself with as a retoucher of photo and as a draftsman in the press, primarily for New Illustrated Newspaper. In 1882 he came to the artists' colony in Grez-sur-Loing, where his studies of light and atmosphere resulted in a series of watercolors of everyday subjects. In 1883 he married the artist Karin Bergöö and the growing family became his dominant motifs. He was heavily involved in the opponents movement and belonged to the founders of the Artists Association 1886th