• NameCristofano Roncalli (il Pomarancio)
  • Activity/Titlepainter
  • Sexmale
  • Variant namesalternativt namn: Cristoforo Roncalli
  • Nationality/DatesItalian, dead before 1626-05-14
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Pomarance, Italien
    Place of death: Rom, Italien
BiographyRoncalli hailed from Pomarance, near Volterra,
in Tuscany. His earliest schooling took place
in Volterra, although it is not known to which
master he was apprenticed. In mid 1576 he moved
to Siena, where he painted an altarpiece for
the cathedral. Staying in Siena gave him ample
opportunity to study the local art produced since
the early trecento. In early 1578 Roncalli moved
on to Rome, where his father had arranged for
him to be apprenticed to Niccolò Circignani (c.
1517/24–96), who was also a native of Pomarance.
While in Rome he befriended the artists Cesare
Nebbia (c. 1536–1614) and Giuseppe Cesari, later
known as Cavaliere d’Arpino (c. 1568–1640). In
1588 Roncalli became a member of the Accademia
di San Luca. Important to the artist’s career
during these years was his involvement in the
recently formed Oratory of Filippo Neri in Santa
Maria in Valicella, whose establishment was of
pivotal significance for the Counter-Reformation.
Through his involvement in the Oratory, Roncalli
received commissions from several of Rome’s leading
families, including the Crescenzi, the Mattei
and the Giustiniani. From 1599 to 1604 he was
superintendent of the decoration of Pope Clement
VIII’s chapel in St Peter’s.
S. Domitilla between S. Nereo and S. Achilleo
The Sibilla Persica
The Archangel Michael Defeating Satan