• NameLudovico Carracci
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesItalian, born 1555, dead 1619
The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine
Madonna and Child
St Catherine
Kristus som död
Den heliga familjens återkomst från Egypten
Konungarnas tillbedjan
D. h. Benedikt driver ut en demon
Madonna in the Sky worshipped by St Hyacinth
St Stephen Carried to the Grave by his Disciples
Portrait of a man wearing a hat in left profile, a portrait of Ludovico Carracci?
The Virgin and the Child with St John the Baptist
Madonna and Child in the sky
Kyrkans triumf
Madonna and Child enthroned adored by two male saints (Petronius and Dominic) and one female saint (Lucy)
Head of the Roman emperor Titus
Male and female saints in adoration
Madonna and Child reading. Oval composition
Hippomenes och Atalanta
Benedictus botande en besatt. Scener ur Benedictus liv, 1-19
Benedictus och branden i klosterköket. Scener ur Benedictus liv, 1-19
Demonen på byggstenen. Scener ur Benedictus liv, 1-19
Totila besökande Benedictus. Scener ur Benedictus liv, 1-19
Goter plundrande klostret Monte Cassino. Scener ur Benedictus liv, 1-19
Virgin and Child
The Annunciation
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