• NameOlle Andersson
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesSwedish, born 1939
Biography(http://www.whitedesign.se/ 2001-04-03)
Interior architect and designer SIR, SID


Olle Anderson is the artistic leader and managing director of White Design AB, a multi-disciplinary design studio in Göteborg. He is a senior partner at White Arkitekter AB with over 250 employees, and is one of the largest architect's offices in Europe. He is a member of SIR and SID, the Swedish Interior Architects' and the Industrial Designers' Associations. Between 1990 and 1996, he was a professor of interior architecture and furniture design at Göteborg University. During those years he also was appointed as Vice Dean at the Faculty of Arts at the University.

Since 1996, he has been a part time professor at the National College of Art and Design in Oslo and is also censor for the Interior department at Danmarks Designskole.

He is a board member of IFI, the International Federation of Interior Architects/ Designers, with about 60.000 members.

Olle Anderson works with architecture, interior design, industrial design and art. He collaborates with several Swedish companies in the areas of furniture, lighting, and environmental design. His design works are well known in Sweden and in the other Scandinavian countries. He has been the leading designer for a well known lighting company, LUXO-Boréns, for 20 years.

Olle Anderson has received prizes in competitions many times and has gained the Excellent Swedish Design Award for his products 19 times.

During recent years, he has designed textile patterns and unique artistic glass.

He is the founder and organiser of the international and experimental WOOD workshops. He was the founder of the Göteborg Lighting Festival, with its first event in 1997.

He has been concerned with design for public environments since the seventies. In 1997, he chaired a conference entitled Design For All, organised by the International Federation of Interior Designers, IFI, in South Africa and also did a workshop with pre-school teachers and children at this time.
He has been lecturing about design for public environments in Japan and Brazil.
In 1997, he wrote a manifesto for IFI entitled IFI Pro Vitae, to encourage interior designers all over the world to set up practical workshops on the design for public environments theme.

Detailed information

Competitions and awards

He has won many design competitions in Sweden and gained the "Excellent Swedish Design" award 18 times.

First prizes

1979 First prize (together with colleagues) Nursing homes for the elderly.

1980 First prize in a Nordic competition for lighting for disabled people.

1985 First prize. Design competition for beds.

1986 The Forsnäs prize for the best laminated furniture of the year.

1989 First prize in an Swedish architectural idea competition for public housing.

1990 First prize in a Nordic competition "New lighting for Stockholm".

1994 First prize in a Nordic lighting competition, Home Lighting.

1994 Joined the winning team in an architectural competition for a new design for a tunnel system under Stockholm

1994 Nominated for best landscaping project of the year.

He also received prizes for the best Swedish Interior Design, Contract furniture, as well as the best Swedish Home Furniture (group work), in the eighties.


Author and designer of a book in 1991 concerning the environment of visually impaired children, entitled "Känna Lyssna Lukta Smaka".

Author of the book "Rum och Ljus". (Space and light)

Author and designer of a book about public housing, entitled "Alla vägar bär till bo".

In 1994, he was responsible for setting up an international database entitled "Design and disability".

Author of the book "Vårdens Rum", published in 1997. (Bohus Läns Landsting Fastighetsförvaltningen). About the physical environment of care buildings.

Edited and designed four books, Own travel sketches 1983-1996


Noretskolan. A project and a report about environmental works together with children in the town of Mora. Around 1980.

In 1991, he was the founder and leader of a Nordic workshop, "Green wood furniture". The result was shown at exhibitions in Sweden and Belgium.

In 1994 and 1996, he was the organiser and leader of an international workshop, "WOOD".

In 1995 he was the guest of honour at "WOOD 95" in Estonia.

In 1993-1995, he worked in the organising committee of VARDE, a large co-operation project which involved 7 Nordic design schools, and engaged 250 students and teachers. The project theme was Ecology, Resources and quality of life. The results of the work have been exhibited in Europe at the Royal College of Art in May 1994, Rome in September 1994 and Budapest and Berlin in 1995.

Olle Anderson was the editor of the magazine "VARDE News" that accompanies the exhibitions.

1996-1997. Created and organised the first Lighting festival in Göteborg

Teaching, lectures

Olle Anderson was appointed as a professor at the Göteborg University Department of Design and Crafts in 1990. Between 1993 and 1996, he was the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

Responsible guest teacher for interior courses at Chalmers School of Architecture between 1988-1998

In the spring of 1992; guest professor at Leeds Polytechnic in Britain.

Commissions as design examiner in Copenhagen, Bergen, Helsinki and Paris.

Guest lecturer in many schools in and outside Sweden.

Since 1996 part time professor at SHKS (National College of Art and Design in Oslo)

Lectures outside Sweden:

Holland, Belgium, Denmark,
Norway, Brazil, Japan Italy,
England, USA, Finland,
France, Iceland, Estonia,
South Africa


He has had many exhibitions of his works and his works are found in the collections of the Röhss Museum, the most important design museum in Sweden.

Recent exhibitions

1992 Gallery Ikaros, Göteborg. Furniture, glass works, ceramic works, drawings.

1993 Krapperup art museum, Höganäs. Installation.

1994 Designgalleriet, Göteborg. Furniture and Volcanoes.

1994 Gallery Kvarnen, Kungälv. Travel sketches.

1995 Gallery Ikaros. OA meets glass. Unique glass works.

1995 The Art Archive of the Småland County Council, Värnamo. Unique glass works.

1997 Galleri Glas Ett, Stockholm. Unique glass works.

1997 Svenssons Möbler, Lammhult.

(NE 2001-04-03)
Anderson, Olle, f. 1939, inredningsarkitekt, möbelformgivare och industridesigner, professor i inredningsarkitektur 1990-96 vid Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk (HDK) i Göteborg och sedan 1996 vid Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. År 1975 startade A. inredningsavdelningen hos White arkitekter AB och 1988 White Design AB, båda med säte i Göteborg. Under 1970- och 80-talen ritade han möbler för AB I. Klaessons Möbelfabrik, Fjugesta, och han är sedan 1976 huvudansvarig för belysningskollektionen hos Boréns AB, Borås. A. har ritat inredningar till kontor m.m. för SAS i utlandet samt för Hotel Gothia, Göteborg (1986). Hans formspråk präglas av modernistisk saklighet med personliga postmoderna tillägg.
Pendant ”Halo There”