• NameJan van den Hoecke
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1611, dead 1651
BiographyJan van den Joecke was a history and portrait
painter, a pupil of his father Gaspar van den Hoecke
and of Rubens. After having worked with Rubens and
other painters on the Pompa Introitus Ferdinandi in
1635 he left for Italy in 1636. He stayed in Rome
between 1638 and 1644, where he worked for the
Pope and several cardinals. He also visited Venice and
then went to Vienna to work for the emperors. In
1647 he accompanied the Archduke Leopold William
as his court painter to Brussels where he also served
as director of the Archduke’s painting collection. He
thereafter settled in Antwerp, where he became a
member of the Society of Romanists. Initially Van
den Hoecke painted in Rubens’ late style but his late
work displays a strong classicist trend.