• NameAgnolo Bronzino
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesItalian, born 1503, dead 1572
BiographyAgnolo di Cosimo di Mariano, called Bronzino,
was the son of a butcher. At the age of 14 he
became a pupil of Pontormo, and they were
to remain collaborators for many years. His
early works comprised the decoration of the
Chapel in the church of Santa Felicità
in Florence,
and he continued to execute fresco
decorations for private chapels in the city. But he
is better known for his allegories and for his portraits
of the ruling Medici family and the members
of the Medici court, children, relatives, and
members of the Panciatichi, Lenzi and Martelli
families, but also of potentates from other parts
of Italy, such as Stefano Colonna and Andrea